Episode #198: Jurassic Park – Comfort Rewatch

Episode #198: Jurassic Park – Comfort Rewatch

This week, we’re discussing the movie Jurassic Park, written by Michael Crichton and directed by Steven Spielberg.

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Show Notes:

Memories from when you first watched this movie:

Elsie – First saw it in fourth grade with her dad at the theater and loved it.

Emma – Saw it at her grandma’s house in first grade and was very scared.

Favorite scenes from the movie:

Elsie – The mosquito in the umber and when they first see the Brachiosaurus.

Emma – The victual dinosaur hatching out of the egg and when they have to eat all the ice surf considering the power went out.

Decor inspiration (really unravel this down) Anything you would use in your own home? Loved, hated, strong reactions, etc. …

Commercial Kitchen – all stainless steel

Rate the movie 0-5 T-Rexes:

Elsie – 6 T-Rexes

Emma – 6 T-Rexes and 3 Velociraptors

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Episode 198 Transcript:

Elsie: You’re listening to The Trappy Mess Podcast, your cozy repletion listen. This week we’re discussing the movie Jurassic Park, written by Michael Creon and directed by Steven Spielberg.

Emma: Yeah, Jurassic Park, hold onto your butts.

Elsie: It’s seriously my favorite blockbuster of all time, and we’ve rewatched it together quite a bit. So I’m excited for this one. I hope you all have the same love in your hearts for Jurassic Park that we have.

Emma: If not, requite it flipside watch, considering it is so good. Surpassing we swoop into that though, let’s do a little personal opener. And Elsie has a little bit of a, It’s not really an announcement, but it’s really cute.

Elsie: It’s really sweet. I think it’s an announcement.

Emma: And we haven’t talked well-nigh it on the podcast.

Elsie: Oh my gosh. Okay, so here’s the news, here’s the tea. So everyone’s been asking me what we’re doing with the pink house, and we honestly didn’t know. So I said all kinds of variegated answers and I didn’t really know.

Emma: Brainstorm. Except for Brainstorm.

Elsie: Yeah, that’s what I usually do. Just say whatever. And so we had a friend staying there for the summer, and they moved out and we had been thinking it over for a while and I don’t know, I don’t wanna get like too, too personal, but I moreover do wanna share what really happened. So basically, we realized that we wanted to alimony the house for a while, a long time. And we’re not interested in selling it in the next few years. And we’re moreover like not really at a place right now where we finger like having an Airbnb is an important or worthwhile endeavor for us. I am like losing my shit. I am at the marrow of the ocean in overwhelm. And I just kind of like, don’t need anything else in my life right now. So anyway, we had the house and I still didn’t wanna sell it though. I’m like weirdly tying to it. Every time I go into it, I have like a weird, like, religious experience. I really love it. It’s very special. Probably ’cause we spent a couple of Christmases there. I don’t know, but I won’t dream of selling it right now. So what we did is we offered it to my grandma to live in permanently for the rest of her life. Which is obviously such a big step. She’s lived in the house that lives well-nigh an hour yonder in a small town for scrutinizingly 70 years, she just told me last night.

Emma: Same house, 70 years.

Elsie: Yeah. Surpassing my dad was born. So I fully expected her to be like, thanks, but no thanks. I’m not willing to, she’s 89 years old and she’s very healthy. And she’s very vibrant and we definitely think she could live a long time still.

Emma: Yeah. She lives alone. She still drives. She’s very independent. She’s moreover older though, and doesn’t need all the maintenance of unrepealable aspects of her old house.

Elsie: And she was ready to sell her house a couple of years ago. She tried and then she realized that apartments were too expensive. So, anyway, we offered for her to live in the pink house if she wanted to for the rest of her life. We told her well-nigh how wonderful the Halloween is in the neighborhood and that there are lots of people around, and there are things you can walk to. There’s just a lot of neighbors, a lot of helpful people. And then obviously, we live two blocks yonder from the house, and our kids are still little and she wants my kids to spend the night with her all the time, but an hour yonder is a big commitment.

Emma: Yeah. You’re like if something goes wrong, that’s kind of far. So, yeah, it’s tricky.

Elsie: So, anyway, I’ll try to make it not too long, but we asked her if she wanted the house. She at first seemed like it was definitely a yes, and then she seemed like she was having unprepossessed feet, and I was like, okay, I think she’s not gonna do it considering I think it’s just too much change. And I get that that was what I was expecting in the first place. And then she tabbed me and she was like, I sold my house. So grandma, what? What do you midpoint you sold it? I was like Are you emotional grandma? And she was like, not really like she’s just a very matter-of-fact person. She is moving in now and for the last two nights, she did her test nights. It was her first time to stay over and like make sure, and then she was kind of deciding which furniture she wanted to alimony or what she wanted me to take away. There are a couple of modifications she wanted to make for her own lifestyle and her own taste, you know.

Emma: Yeah. And safety. Like the washer and dryer is in the vault and the stairs are a little steep, and she’s older, so Elsie’s like moving those and things like that. Little things like that. She’s an old, she’s an older lady. So it’s like you want it to be safe.

Elsie: So last night, my kids spent the night with her for the first time, and it was just perfect. It was like it was meant to be. It was perfect considering the pink house was a place that they knew and that they were well-appointed with. They once had their beds. They’re completely well-appointed with it in every way.

Emma: They’re like, I know this house. This is not weird or scary to me.

Elsie: Yeah, considering we’ve stayed there a lot for the past two and a half years. So, anyway, she did it and it went so well. And I just finger like the biggest sense of like joy and gratitude, like I can’t believe it’s happening and we’re gonna get to see her so much increasingly for this next part of her life and make so many increasingly memories together. So I’m very happy and I’m scrutinizingly crying right now. So, yeah, I think it’s gonna be a good thing, and magical.

Emma: I’m so excited considering I love to take Oscar to visit her, but with his nap schedule, you know, he’s still really little. Just her stuff 45 minutes to an hour away. It’s just the whole thing, and now I finger like I can take Oscar over there, like without daycare, and just play for an hour. It’s just like no big deal. It’s like right there. So I’m really excited well-nigh that too. And I like that she will be increasingly in town. She would like come up to Springfield a lot and, you know, like I said, she still drives and now she’ll be driving a little less considering she’ll once be in Springfield, so she won’t be doing that long drive, and I think that’s good, that makes me happy, and finger like that’s a largest fit for her. Two of her three kids live in Springfield, so that’s good, I think. Yeah. I was really excited when you told me. I was like, I hope she does it. It is such a big transpiration to imagine living in the same house for seven years.

Elsie: I seriously didn’t think she was going to every turn. I thought this was going to fall through, but it looks like at this point now it’s like it’s happening in a few weeks, so I think it’s really happening.

Emma: I know, and I was just texting Elsie last night. I was like, we need to throw some kind of housewarming party or something to mark the occasion ’cause it is such a big change. And honestly, I am kind of like sad to think well-nigh her not having her house considering that’s the house we unchangingly went to, you know, grandma’s house. So it’s kind of weird to think well-nigh that not stuff her house anymore, but I’m just so excited for her to live so close. It’s gonna be fun, and sweet. I think she’s gonna love that neighborhood.

Elsie: Aw, me too. Yeah, I’m very excited.

Emma: So, yeah, it’s tomfool and I’m so happy you thought of that and I’m so happy she’s going for it. It’s very exciting.

Elsie: Yes, the stars aligned for sure ’cause just the way everything happened is so weird that like, it just doesn’t really make sense. I can’t plane believe that we live here and I can’t believe that we don’t need that house anymore. And then it was like the perfect house for her and she liked it. She’s very specific.

Emma: She is, yes.

Elsie: She makes everything work. I’m thrilled. So, yeah, we’ll alimony you updated a little bit here and there, but we’re just feeling the warm, fuzzy family vibes right now, and I’m really happy.

Emma: Yeah. It’s really, really cool. All right, so let’s talk well-nigh dinosaurs, Jurassic Park.

Elsie: This movie was, I watched it for the first time in fourth grade with my dad at the theater.

Emma: Considering didn’t you read the book?

Elsie: I read the typesetting without I saw the movie. Yes, but it was definitely my first grown-up novel to read. I think at that age I was reading Fear Street in like Christopher Pike’s books. Anyway, it made a huge impression on me. And, I’ve just like unchangingly had a special place in my heart. I’ve never had a day in my life when I wasn’t in the mood to watch Jurassic Park, and then recently Emma and I re-watched it together when we were having a sleepover and we were like, It’s still perfect considering movies don’t age well, that’s very rare. And we like old movies, but like, you know, they usually have something horrible or something that just looks dumb now. And it looks, it still looks good. It’s crazy. Anyway, yeah tell your impressions.

Emma: I don’t remember the first time I don’t think I saw it in theaters.

Elsie: You would’ve been like in first grade or something, or second grade.

Emma: I do remember watching it at our other grandma’s house. Our grandma Karina, lived on a farm.

Elsie: She unchangingly lets us watch grown-up movies too young.

Emma: She did, and I should not, I was too little. I remember stuff so scared of the dinosaur, the little dinosaur that spits poison. I had nightmares for so long and rewatching it as an sultana I’m like, yeah, this is spooky. This is a pretty spooky part, but I definitely watched it too young and just had nightmares and probably got in my grandma’s bed that night, I don’t remember. But I definitely remember having nightmares and stuff like, oh, oh no, I can’t get this outta my head, you know, like stuff a little kid. So it’s definitely a very family-friendly movie, but it is spooky for like a little, little kid. Yeah. I was counting this time when I re-watched it, I think there’s one cuss word in the whole movie. He says the word shit, but he’s talking well-nigh very dinosaur shit.

Elsie: So it’s like a pretty wipe movie.

Emma: It’s pretty clean.

Elsie: That’s interesting.

Emma: Yeah. But it is kind of scary. So that’s like the one thing that’s like, makes it a little less family-friendly as far as like little kids.

Elsie: Yeah, I think my kids are definitely too little to watch it, but I do have some friends who have tried at this age and I’ll try in a couple of years as soon as I have a sense that it might be okay at all. Then maybe we’ll try, but not yet.

Emma: Yeah, I would love to show it to Oscar one day and it won’t be unendingly soon, but he does love How to Train Your Dragon, so I finger like he’s gonna be like dragon dinosaur kid a little bit.

Elsie: So there’s no one that doesn’t fall in love with dinosaurs without you watch this movie.

Emma: Dinosaurs are awesome. They’re so cool, and so getting to learn about, it’s cool. This is obviously a fictional movie, but like does have real types of dinosaurs in it, you know what I mean? So it’s pretty cool. Anyway, those are some memories from watching it the first time. Let’s talk well-nigh inspiration from the movie.

Elsie: Okay. Oh, wait, we didn’t describe the movie for those who haven’t watched it, I finger like this is kind of silly. I’ll just read it real quick. A pragmatic paleontologist touring an scrutinizingly well-constructed theme park on an island in Central America. Is tasked with protecting a couple of kids without a power failure causes the park’s cloned dinosaurs to run loose. Hmm sums it up very nicely. If you haven’t watched it yet, there are no spoiler alerts for this. If you haven’t watched it, maybe you just don’t want to, or I don’t know why you’re listening to this.

Emma: I think there’s shelf life on spoilers and you’ve missed it if you haven’t watched. So I re-watched it this week with my husband, who I don’t think he’d watched it since he was a kid from like his commentary, I’m pretty sure he hadn’t seen it in a long, long, long time. And every scene he was like, oh, this scene is so famous, and then the next scene would start and be like, oh, this scene is so famous. Oh, this scene was so famous. Every scene in the movie is so famous. Like, seriously, every single one, you’re like, oh yeah, I remember this part. Oh yeah, I remember this. Oh my gosh they’ve spoofed this indifferent, I finger like it’s a referenced movie, for sure too. So I could probably talk well-nigh every scene, but some of my favorites let’s start at the beginning. The victual Dino hatching under the egg and it’s a velociraptor. They tell you that at the end she’s like holding it and it’s like it’s a vea raptor, but I finger like the effects in this movie, so they do have some CGI in the movie, I finger like the very first dinosaur you see is a CGI dinosaur.

Elsie: I think there’s a mix of CGI and robotics.

Emma: Yeah, but a lot of it is robotics or puppets or whatever. I don’t really know well-nigh this one ’cause it’s so little, it might be a puppet. I don’t really know, but it’s really good. And I finger like all the ones that are robotics or puppets, just the practical, weather-beaten great. It looks really good. It looks like a theme park too, which is a big part of the movie ’cause it is a theme park that they’re trying to build. So anyway, the little victual dinosaur that hatches out the egg is so cute and I love it, and it’s just a magical moment. If I was like, if you’re gonna show it to Nova, just let her watch to that part and then no more, considering it’s not scary up to that part, and it’s really cute, but then without that it gets scary. So I love that part. As a kid, one of my favorite scenes, I’m just jumping all over the place a little bit. So the power goes out, that’s part of it in the movie is the power’s out considering a character’s stealing the DNA, the Dino DNA, and he’s gonna sell it to someone else. And so he’s shut lanugo all the power in the park, which shuts lanugo some of the fences. And that’s how the dinosaurs get out, and that’s the problem. But flipside thing that shut lanugo is the freezers in the kitchen, and so there’s this scene where Lord Dern’s weft and the, I don’t know this actor’s name, but the older man who owns the theme park. He’s sitting there and talking well-nigh how he is like, I think my grandkids are gonna die, essentially, and he’s kind of reckoning with what he’s built, and like how it’s gone wrong. He has all these unshut ice surf containers in front of him considering it’s all gonna melt. And so he’s just eating out of the ice surf containers. Laura Derm’s weft joins him and as a kid, I was like if the power overly goes out at our house, I’m gonna be like, Mom, can we eat all the ice surf out of the freezer? In the dream, I was like, I can’t believe he has all these variegated ice surf flavors and he was just eating it out of the container. I loved it as a kid. It’s never happened. The power’s never gone out that long, but dare to dream.

Elsie: Oh, it is in my house.

Emma: Well get the ice surf out considering don’t let it go to waste.

Elsie: It’s very unpleasant to throw yonder your unshortened freezer.

Emma: Oh, it really is. Yeah.

Elsie: Oh my gosh. Yeah, as far as decor inspiration, I don’t really finger like it applies.

Emma: I’ll say my favorite though. Okay, so there’s a scene with a commercial kitchen. It’s kind of like meant to be the kitchen where they prepare all the supplies for the park, I guess, and the Velociraptors, two of them get in there and they’re kind of chasing the kits, and it’s pretty scary. But this commercial kitchen is like a sea of stainless steel. It’s like all these stainless steel prep tables and like ranges and hoods and like plane a lot of the utensils that are virtually squint trademark new considering the park hasn’t opened yet. They’re just stainless steel and they’re kind of like hanging, and some of them fall over at one point, and the dinosaurs like know where they are, things like that, and I love that kitchen. It made a huge impression on me as a kid where I was like, that’s what a fancy, real restaurant kitchen looks like. Is it all stainless steel?

Elsie: Did you have stainless steel counters in your first home?

Emma: Yeah, in my first home when I got my counters replaced from laminate, I got stainless steel countertops, which is kind of a weird choice. And like looking when I’m like, that was really weird. But I loved it and I still loved that I did it and I loved them, and I still love a prep table. Unendingly someone has a stainless steel prep table, I’m like, I love it. I kind of think of Jurassic Park.

Elsie: That’s funny. Yeah, I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. I don’t get that.

Emma: It’s just very sterile. It makes me finger like you’re like you’re serious.

Elsie: Science lab.

Emma: Yeah. It’s like a science lab in there. You’re like, I gotta do my pastry doughboy merchantry here.

Elsie: Yeah. Okay, well if anything well-nigh the movie I could undeniability cozy, which I don’t think you very much can, which is fine ’cause I think it has its own kind of eye candy. So the first part of it, when they’re first giving the tour to the two scientists. And the little moving chair or was it moving trams? Yeah, where the bar goes over them seeing all the variegated rooms and stuff. I really love that part. The part that made a very big impression on me was the little mosquito in the amber. And have like unchangingly been fixated on the mosquito in the amber. Considering I think that it made the book, I was a fourth grader, but it made it finger very plausible and real to me. It did.

Emma: I think the premise is great.

Elsie: The premise is really good. I think it’s excellent. So yeah, I love that part where they’re getting the tour and when they first get into the SUVs, you know, when they’re first like playing with the goggles and all of that stuff.

Emma: Can we talk well-nigh the SUVs a little bit, the jeeps?

Elsie: They’re funny.

Emma: Considering they’re like neon green. They’re painted as if they’re like dinosaur skin I think is the idea. But they’re like these neon colors. They’re like the late eighties, nineties looking and just the minute they came on the screen as we were rewatching, I was like the Jeeps, they’re just so wacky looking and like perfect for the movie and I love them so much. Anyway, okay, go on. I had to interrupt you considering I’m like the Jeeps, I love them.

Elsie: Yeah, the other part that I like live for is when they first see the Brontosaurus. It makes me cry, like I cry every single time.

Emma: Well moreover when they’re, they fly in on the helicopter to the island, and the island looks beautiful. And I think that’s the first time you hear the dudududu kind of theme. Yeah, the music in this movie is fantastic. It definitely makes you wanna cry untied for sure.

Elsie: Yeah. So, I don’t know. I do still consider it cozy in a way though, in a twisted way considering it’s spooky. It is obviously an whoopee movie from the nineties, but it also, has feelings, maybe it’s ’cause it’s part of my childhood. But I think it’s one of the greatest movies of all time. I’m in love with it.

Emma: Well, I think one thing it does in the movie is it kind of encapsulates that like magic feeling ’cause it’s dinosaurs and they are extinct but we’re seeing them now. And so it kind of scrutinizingly has this feeling of like something magical, like a Harry Potter movie, considering it’s science fiction. They’re making these fantastical creatures come to life. I mean, they used to exist, but they don’t know. So I do think it kind of has that, to me that kind of feeling the like magic feeling is a very cozy thing. I guess I can’t really explain why. Maybe it is Harry Potter, ’cause that’s a part of my diaper too. But yeah, I moreover think we have to talk a little bit well-nigh fashion. Laura Dern’s character, who’s a scientist in the movies, she’s a doctor, she’s unchangingly wearing these khaki shorts and like upper waist jeans and a lot of tie shirts at the waist. The main shirt she’s wearing in most of the movie is this pink salmon color, and at one part in the tour where they’re showing the video, she’s wearing these like wire frame glasses. She just looks smart but beautiful, but like exactly of the time fashion, and it’s just awesome. I love it so much.

Elsie: I’m in love with her.

Emma: Oh, she’s so beautiful. She’s trappy all the time.

Elsie: Yeah, I’m in love with her. It’s like one of my favorite actors. She just has a little bit of everything in that career, but it’s a very consumable costume or outfit that she’s wearing in the movie, it’s like, I love it when people do the Jurassic Park costume ’cause it’s unchangingly that. The high-waisted shorts make it or unravel it.

Emma: And I moreover do love Jeff Goldblum’s weft and outfit in this movie. I finger like as a kid I just was like, this guy’s so weird. He’s kind of like a weird uncle. That was the feeling I had as a kid. And now as a late thirties lady, I’m like, Jeff Goldblum is very handsome in this movie. Are you interested?

Elsie: He has that special something.

Emma: Yeah. He is like a bad boy scientist in the movie or he’s a mathematician, but that’s like his character, which is sort of a hilarious character.

Elsie: Smarter than all y’all.

Emma: Yeah, and he does predict what’s gonna happen. So I guess in the end, he was the smartest one. I don’t know. It’s not a competition, but he’s just very funny in this movie. I think they describe him at one point as like a waddle star, but he’s literally a mathematician. It’s just funny but I love his outfit. It’s a lot of like woebegone and he has very Jeff Goldblum glasses.

Elsie: He’s trying to steal Laura Dern.

Emma: Yeah, he’s very flirty with Laura Dern, plane though it’s obvious that they’re together and you know, just funny. So yeah. Love it.

Elsie: I love it too. As far as cozy inspiration, let’s do this, like If we had a Jurassic Park party, what do you think you would do to decorate and what supplies would you serve? I finger like that’s how you identify the coziness from it.

Emma: Yeah. I mean, it’s definitely gonna need some kind of like giant skeleton, dino skeleton considering that’s such a, there’s a part where they’re like jumping on the skeleton trying to escape.

Elsie: You could do an escape sandbox game.

Emma: Yeah. You could definitely do some kind of fossil sandbox game and you could definitely have a lot of fun treats. You could moreover do like dirt confection with like little wreck in it.

Elsie: My dream treat that I’m thinking of that I wanna make is like big chocolate eggs with something inside of them.

Emma: Oh cute, and kids can hammer it a little bit.

Elsie: Yeah, I think that would be magical. And sometimes at fancy restaurants, they do have desserts like that that you hammer.

Emma: Yeah, you hammer it. Or sometimes you like to pour something hot and it melts it. That’s unchangingly fun.

Elsie: Yeah. I think you could do something with a shaving surf can, for sure. That would be ideal. There is a lot of good stuff on the internet for dinosaur parties. But yeah, Jurassic Park specific, I finger like maybe you have to play the music.

Emma: Like an electric fence somehow. Not unquestionably electric, but like some kind of netting or something that’s like, this is the electric fence.

Elsie: Maybe a lot of warning signs.

Emma: Yeah. There’s a lot of electric fence in the movie, and times when they’re climbing on it, that’s a whole scene.

Elsie: The computers in the movie are really funny too.

Emma: They’re awesome. Yeah. It’s such a good movie and it really holds up. I was like thoroughly entertained watching it again.

Elsie: Yeah. I wish that I could like to know if the typesetting is largest than the movie or not. But since I read it as a fourth grader, I truly thought I knew at the time my review was they’re exactly the same, which is like, it can be true. There’s no way.

Emma: No, there’s no way. But yeah, I don’t plane know if they end the same, I’m not really sure.

Elsie: Maybe someday I’ll read it again. It does sound a little bit fun.

Emma: Oh yeah, he has other books too. Well speaking of the book, let’s do some trivia ’cause our first trivia is kind of well-nigh the movie and the book. So the first one is this movie and the typesetting generated so much interest in dinosaurs that the study of paleontology experienced a record increase in students as a result.

Elsie: I completely see that because, for years without this movie came out, it was like my obsession fixation for a long time.

Emma: Oh yeah. I remember going to the library with Mom and you, and you were unchangingly wanting dinosaur books. It was like dinosaur books and Elf Quest comics. That’s it, that’s all.

Elsie: The infamous roar of the Tyrannosaurus was a composite mix of a dog, a penguin, a tiger snarl, and a victual elephant squeal. That’s hilarious. That’s interesting.

It is, and it’s a unconfined roar. It’s very, it’s really good. Believable. Yeah, I would say like it holds up, like the effects hold up so well like it doesn’t deserve to hold up that well. It’s amazing.

Emma: It is wondrous and there’s so much of the movie that like if the effects had sucked, It just would really take away, considering that’s what the music is leading you to, to see the dinosaur, it’s a lot of that. So I finger like there’s a lot of pressure for it to be good and it delivers.

Elsie: Big time.

Emma: Okay. On the next piece of trivia, Universal Pictures paid Michael Cretin 2 million for the rights to his novel surpassing it was plane published.

Elsie: And you have to remember, this is in the olden days. In the early 1990s or maybe plane late eighties.

Emma: Yeah. I don’t know what that money is today.

Elsie: It’s probably like 50 million. That’s crazy.

Emma: I wonder how they plane knew well-nigh it, must have some unconfined agents.

Elsie: I think Michael Cretin was once a famous tragedian at that time.

Emma: Oh, okay. I finger like if you told me the premise, if you were a movie exec you’d probably be like, Oh yeah buy it considering it’s a really good premise.

Elsie: I stipulate with that, and I’m glad it instantly had to be a movie and he definitely deserved that. Yeah. And, and then some.

Emma: I mean, there’s still making Jurassic Park movies.

Elsie: It’s private island money, let’s just put it that way.

Emma: With your own dinosaurs.

Elsie: No, that’s true they’re still making them. I finger like that is me not a part of it, and I just like leave Chris Pratt completely out of this for me. And if you want to winnow him in your Jurassic Park, you can, but not mine.

Emma: He’s once in my Guardians of the Galaxy World and Lego movie, which Oscar moreover loves.

Elsie: Oh my gosh. You’re once in the Lego movie. That’s cute.

Emma: He loves Legos, so we showed him the Lego movie.

Elsie: My kids haven’t plane seen that one. Wow, I should try it. I’m gonna try that immediately. Okay. The ending where the T-Rex saves the day was widow when Steven Spielberg decided that she was the hero of the movie. That is adorable.

Emma: Yeah, and I mean, who knows what they spent towers that thing? So I would be like, yeah, use it in as many scenes as you can. But I do think it is a unconfined ending ’cause it kind of saves them. It moreover really shows you that they have no tenancy over these dinosaurs. It is just chaos, you know? It’s just whatever nature’s gonna do. Which I think is kind of the theme, one of the themes of the movie. Okay, while filming in Hawaii, the island was hit by the biggest hurricane in Hawaii’s history. That’s crazy. The tint and hairdo had to stay in their hotel while the island was ravaged by 145-mile winds. Whoa.

Elsie: Oh, that’s horrible.

Emma: Yeah, I know. That was probably really scary. I hate storms.

Elsie: Yeah. The hairdo had to have safety meetings well-nigh the T-Rex. It weighed 12,000 pounds and was extremely powerful. Wow, that’s unquestionably really scary. I’ve read surpassing or heard how much safety has to be on movie sets and TV sets, they’re not plane unliable to have real candles. So that probably was a lot of legal stuff.

Emma: Oh, I’m sure. And there’s like kids in the scene where that Dino is, and I don’t know how they shot those, but like yeah, it would be terrifying if something malfunctioned and it fell over on someone or something like that considering that is extremely heavy. It would crush you like completely. Alright, let’s rate the movie Zero out of five T-Rex’s. What do you think?

Elsie: Five, for sure.

Emma: Yeah. Five or six.

Elsie: Yeah, a six out of five.

Emma: Six T-Rex’s and throw in three velociraptors that’s how I finger well-nigh it. Love it.

Elsie: Yeah, I midpoint it’s one of the greatest of our lifetimes. And thank you for geeking out with us in this episode, considering we unchangingly knew from the moment we had the idea to do repletion rewatches. This was unchangingly at the top of our list and one of the movies that we were most excited to do. Just considering it like ways the most. It’s like a part of my soul.

Emma: I love it so much. Still do, holds up. It’s amazing. Well, let’s have a joke or a fact, or a meditation with Nova.

Elsie: Hey Nova. Welcome when to the podcast.

Nova: Hi.

Elsie: What do you have for us this week?

Nova: I have a meditation.

Elsie: I think meditations are everyone’s favorite. What type of meditation do you wanna do this time?

Nova: A magic one.

Elsie: A magic-themed meditation.

Nova: It has magic in it.

Elsie: Okay, I’m latter my eyes. You tell us what to do.

Nova: When you get out of bed you find that there’s a carpet waiting for you. You climb on the carpet and there you find a magic teapot. It pours you a cup of tea. You take a sip, and then it, there is a picnic basket. The picnic basket gives you some food, and then you fly off out your window. You soar through the sky and you see all kinds of clouds. You go through a waterfall, and then up to the nice sky that is well-nigh to awake, and then peel the walkover pushing versus you, and then finally you go when home. And then you land the carpet says goodbye, and then the tea gives you one increasingly cup and then a little increasingly food, and then it writes off and says Goodbye. And then you would see it tomorrow. Now unshut your vision and I hope you have a good day.

Elsie: Thank you, Nova. We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Please protract to send us your request. We’ll consider pretty much any movie as long as it inspires us. You can email us at podcast@beautifulmess.com. Next week we’ll be giving updates on our new houses.

Emma: Oh yeah.