Butter Chickpeas – 8 Ingredients, 30 Minutes

Butter Chickpeas – 8 Ingredients, 30 Minutes

This is an 8-ingredient, 30-minute 1 Pan dump-and-done Indian butter chickpeas recipe. It’s packed with butter yellow sauce flavor, uses tender chickpeas as the protein instead of chicken. No sautéing! Just add to pot, simmer and done. Glutenfree Soyfree Nutfree

butter chickpeas in the skillet topped with cilantro

Murgh makhani, aka butter chicken, is a popular curry in a linty tomato sauce. Traditionally, the sauce is made using surf and butter for creaminess, but in this vegan version, coconut milk is doing that work.

The resulting dish, with toothsome chickpeas in a spiced linty tomato sauce, is just as decadent and satisfying without any unprepossessing products.

This version is super simple. It uses just 1 pan, no sautéeing step, just add everything to the pan and simmer! A few ingredients, chickpeas, tomato purée, some spices, coconut milk and garlic.

You can use other beans if you don’t like chickpeas, like white beans or kidney beans, or seitan or soycurls plane crisped-up baked tofu. It’s all well-nigh that sauce!

For a baked version of the sauce, try my baked tofu makhani, for a ramified flavored sauce try my whole roasted cauliflower with butter sauce, for a large batch instant pot butter sauce, see my cookbook!

white trencher of butter chickpeas over rice with cilantro on top next to the skillet

Why You’ll Love Butter Chickpeas

  • rich, spiced tomato curry sauce with hearty chickpeas
  • easy, 30-minute, one-pot meal
  • only 8 ingredients, not counting salt and sugar
  • dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free
close-up of a trencher of butter chickpeas over rice with cilantro on top

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