42 Rustic Ways to Decorate With Old Doors {Home and Garden}

42 Rustic Ways to Decorate With Old Doors {Home and Garden}


You are sure to fall in love with these old door decor ideas. This list includes great ideas and tutorials for both the home and garden. Whether you want to add a new home decor piece using recycled wood doors, or you need to add something fun to your garden, this list has something to keep you busy creating.


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Old Door Decor Ideas

Old doors are just one of my favorite items to use for upcycled and repurposed projects. They are often made with solid wood and provide a great sturdy surface that can hold a number of different items. You can easily turn them into show pieces as decor inside your home, or even create a new piece of furniture. Some of my favorites on this list include the door decor ideas for weddings and parties, but nothing beats the good old fashioned room dividers.

More Repurposed Home Decor Ideas

If you are interested in adding even more fun upcycled and repurposed ideas to your home and garden, look no further than the list below. These are some of our popular ideas for really transforming junk into true treasure pieces in and around your home.

Recycled Old Door Porch Swing


This is a great idea for turning an old door into a beautiful porch swing that is going to become a perfect place to relax on a warm summer day! Side rails can be made from spindles and blanks, or cut apart old doors if preferred.

Source: Huckleberry Lane Furniture

Garden Wall Salvaged Showpiece


Mounting an old door onto a garden wall is a great way to create a fun new salvaged showpiece. Add glass panels or mirrors to the door to make the sun sparkle a bit more off the area.

Source: Hometalk

Farmhouse Barn Door with Wreath


This small farmhouse style door is the perfect wreath stand for any room. Rustic, simple, but still styled, it’s sure to fit any home decor. Hang it on a wall, place as a stand-in a room, or set up outdoors for a unique addition to your patio or deck.

Source: Etsy

Reclaimed Door Garden Divider


I love the idea of taking wooden doors and connecting them to create a large divider for an outdoor space. This can serve as a backdrop or a way to separate a dining space from the pool or even play area for the kids.

Source: Redoux Interiors

Turn Old Doors into Garden Vegetable Boxes

What a brilliant idea! If you are looking for raised bed or garden box ideas, this is the best choice for you. Deconstructing old doors and turning them into vegetable boxes for your garden is a great way to repurpose them into something useful.

Old Door Beverage Station


I love this simple idea for turning an old door into a cute little beverage station for your patio or deck. This could even be used at parties or weddings!

Source: Refresh Restyle

Old Door Frame Coat Hangers


This is a brilliant idea! Put old door frames or doors with panels removed onto a wall and add a strip of wood and hooks to create a coat hanger! This is ideal for just inside the home, or of course, this could be used in a restaurant as shown.

Old Door Headboard


One of my favorite ways to see old doors repurposed is for headboards on beds. This rustic styled headboard is a great choice for your bedroom. There are multiple varieties, but in this case, I love this for the weathered paint styling.

Source: Etsy

Old Screen Door Trellis


Screen doors count in this list and this one is a great idea for use in your garden. A trellis is nice for use with any plant that has tendrils or vines that would grow upwards or outwards. This one looks great alongside beans or tomato plants in your garden.

Source: Morning Chores

Old Screen Door Herb Planter


An old screen door is a great choice for creating a little herb garden. You can hook any small pot to the area and simply plant your favorite herbs. Then you get to prop the door against your house or garden wall!

Source: Centsational Style

Upcycled Old Door Pool Cue Holder

What a brilliant idea! This is a great addition to any man cave or game room in your home. Using an old door to create something useful is my favorite way to see these projects come together.

Old Door Plant Holder


This fall themed plant decoration is a great idea for using your old doors to hold plants or holiday decor. In this instance, two large galvanized bucket planters are placed onto the door to hold fall flowers. A hay bale and some pumpkins below are ideal for the fall season, but you could easily add any decor for any holiday.

Source: Unskinny Boppy

Painted Old Door Pergola


I love that they used two old doors to connect with some wood pieces to create a cute little pergola. This is ideal over a pebble walkway. A cute little space to divide up your yard or garden while upcycling something that otherwise would have become trash.

Source: Woohome

Screen Door Family Message Center


This old screen door was upcycled into a great little family message center using a bit of chalkboard paint, hooks, and a little wire basket. I love that this idea is functional for the whole family to use!

Source: Hometalk

Antique Door Wooden Wall Shelf


The inlays on this door are turned backward and secured to create a lovely little shelf. This unit could easily go both inside and outside your home. Store your favorite knick knacks, books, or potted plants on this indoors. On your deck or patio, use this as a potting bench, garden shelf, or bar for your next event.

Source: Etsy

Old Door Hanging Plant Stand


This idea is a great choice for adding to your porch. Paint and hang the door itself onto the ceiling, then ad chains and hooks for your favorite hanging plants! So pretty and in the popular farmhouse style.

Repurposed Old Door Bed Frame

This video tutorial is in depth and definitely geared more toward the casual carpenter. Old doors are turned into a sturdy bed frame including head and footboards and a base for the bed.

Old Door Window Seat


Using an old door as the base, this little window seat is a great choice for adding extra seating to any room. Braced by wood and pillows as finishing touches, I love how this comes together for a cute and comfy seat.

Source: Architecture Art Designs

Wedding Entrance Door with Floral Accents


This is a cute idea for any wedding or event. Setup the door on the walkway leading to your tables or chairs, and add floral accents to create a matching look for the theme of the party. I’m especially in love with how this separates one area of an outdoor event to the next.

Source: Intimate Weddings

Old Door Kitchen Herb Garden


Add buckets to the outside of an old door and set it up just outside the kitchen for a lovely herb garden. Grow lettuce, herbs, or even a few small glowers or vegetables in this little space.

Source: Infarrantly Creative

Upcycled Door DIY Shelf


This simple shelf is a great use of an old door. Cut to size, this door is flipped onto its side and a slip of wood added to create a shelf. I can easily see adding hooks along the bottom for hanging bags, keys, or coats.

Source: Etsy

Old Door Photo Booth


Remove the top panel of an old door and turn it into a cute photo booth prop for your next wedding or party. I love how simple this one is, but that it works perfectly with the rustic farmhouse style of the wedding.

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

Upcycled Old Door Bench

This is a great tutorial for a bench that can go beside a dining table, inside your front door, on the porch, or garden space. So pretty and a great way to reuse an old door turning trash to treasure. This is one of my favorite old door decor ideas for outdoor spaces.

Old Door Bookcase


What a fun idea! Turn the panels into shelves and make an old door into a bookcase for your home. This is ideal for that farmhouse style home or living area.

Illuminated Old Door Photo Showcase


This is such a brilliant idea for an old door! This creator added black and white snapshots all over the door pans, then ran lights along the backside so when turned on, it really highlights the images against the glass background.

Source: Redhead Can Decorate

Old Door Christmas Tree


Now, this is a brilliant use of an old door! Cut down and trimmed, this looks like a little Christmas tree that doesn’t shed needles on your floor! I love this as a unique holiday decoration!

Source: Old House on Main

Repurposed Old Door Picnic Table

Add a new piece of furniture to your backyard and deck with this reclaimed old door picnic table idea. Customize with colors and accents to fit your style, or leave rough as you find it!

Old Door Garden Lean-To


What a lovely idea for adding something new to your garden! This little “lean-to” is made up entirely of old doors. Connecting them together with two on the back, one on each side, and one on top leaves an open front little shed space to shelter you from the weather outdoors.

Source: Hometalk

Primitive Shelf Made from Upcycled Wood Door


This shelf is already setup with hooks on both ends. A simple reclaimed wood edge adds to the rustic look with natural wood keeping it rustic in style. This could be updated with more hooks or a wider shelf for a different look.

Source: Etsy

Upcycled Door Hall Tree


This idea is a great use of old doors. You can easily turn 1-2 old doors and a little cushion into an entryway bench or “tree”. This one showcases hooks that would be ideal for holding bags, keys, or jackets. A great choice for your entryway.

Source: Etsy

Old Door Grill Station

This is a great project for your backyard or deck! If you do a lot of grilling or outdoor entertaining, this is a great choice for you! I love how you can customize this for your needs!

Old Door Room Divider


Piecing together slim doors to create a room divider is a great idea. This is the perfect backdrop for a wedding dinner, but could also be used to break up an open floor plan home.

Source: Style Me Pretty

Reclaimed Door Coffee Table


I like this boxy style of the little door coffee table. The open middle makes it ideal for storage as a bookshelf, for games, or even for that pillow and throw you use on movie night.

Source: Cute DIY Projects

Vintage Door Cabinet


Using an old door, this lovely cabinet is the perfect place to store your treasured items, holiday linens, or china pieces. Rustic and weathered paint makes it feel like it came from another century.

Source: Blue Roof Cabin

Upcycled Old Door Coffee and End Table

This is one project that takes a bit more work to finish, but the result is lovely. Feel free to use this as a guide for your next project and stain in the colors you prefer.

Distressed Blue Doors Coffee Table


The stunning styling of this old wood door is ideal for a beautiful and truly unique coffee table. The ridges and grooves of the door make a natural design and the distressed painting really bring them out for a beautiful look.

Source: Etsy

Hanging Picnic Table from Old Door


What a beautiful idea for a fun outdoor party! Rope and an old wooden door have created the lovely dining table or picnic table to fit into any yard or patio area. Hang from a tree or the ceiling above your porch.

Source: Bob Vila

Reclaimed Door Dining Table


This idea is ideal for really any wooden door style. Stained to match the 4″x4″ legs on all sides, this can be an easy way to build a dining table that is unique to you and your style.

Source: Etsy

Old Door Corner Shelf


New or old doors can be used to make this lovely little corner shelf. Add shelves as desired to add room for storage, or place hooks along the upper half for hanging tapestries, coats, umbrellas, or more!

Source: Etsy

Old Door Garden Gate


Why not hang a real door as the gate to your garden? I love this method of reclaiming an old door and turning it into a great addition to your outdoor spaces. You can add any sort of knobs or lock you prefer, and of course, some chalkboard paint makes it easy to add a message for all who enter.

Source: Designing Dreams by Anne via Little Brags

Farmhouse Door Sofa Table


A simple old door is perfect for updating to create this great sofa table. Cut in half and mount on legs of your choosing and create a great addition to any living area.

Source: Etsy

Upcycled Old Door Shelf

I love that this tutorial shows you every step of how to turn an old door into a shelf for any room in your home! The addition of chains on each side of the shelves is more for beauty over function, but still beautiful!